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This is a new Ball Joint Doll named Sunny, the daughter of the Sun. She is the same size as Luna:
Height: 30cm
Chest: 12cm
Waist: 10.5cm
Hips: 14cm
Waist to floor: 18cm
Waist to ankle: 15.5cm
Wrist to Wrist: 20.5cm
Shoulder: 5cm
Wig Size: 5-6
Eyes: 10mm
Shoes: 4.5cm
She has 14 points of articulation. The original doll is hand-sculpted in polymer clay. She is then hand-cast in resin, which is a very durable material. She is available in different skin tones, flesh tone, and light. The photos below are of the original polymer clay sculpture. I will be updating with new photos of the resin doll soon. She will come unpainted with one wig and one pair of eyes. These will be a default wig and lifelike eyes. To order go to the store page and type in Sunny Flesh Tone, it you want her in the light color, please specify. Cost is $325.00, if you want a face up done by me it will be $50 extra. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Sunny bjd
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