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Ball Joint Doll Body
This ball joint doll is known as the Destiny body, named after my daughter Destiny. She was sculpted first in polymer clay in 2009 and hand-cast in resin in 2010. She is 11 inches tall and has 14 points of articulation. She is capable of standing without any support and holds several different poses. She is very durable. I made this doll with the intention of it becoming the main character of a book I am working on. (Who knows when the book will be finished but it is a work in progress!) Once I made the first Destiny doll I had so much fun dressing her that I made many more costumes for her. I did make another head called the Danielle head after my neice Danielle. There are no more Danielle heads available. If you would like a blank doll it will include the head attached to the body and will be sanded and strung together. She can be painted or unpainted. The wig is not included, she wears a size 6 and you can purchase a wig online.
Blank unpainted body: $200/ painted body: $250, specify eye color
bjd body
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