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Drama Queen
This doll was inspired by my niece Danielle, though let me say this, she really isn't a Drama Queen. She is more of a diva princess! She is a girl after my own heart. She loves playing dress-up, just like her mother and I did when we were little. She has a closet full of princess dresses, crowns, fairy wings and beautiful shoes! This doll is dressed in a green and pink striped dress with a pink tutu and a lace-up belt. She has pink tights and ballet slippers. She also has a pink feather boa and a rhinestone crown. Her hair is a high quality synthetic wig. She comes with a chihuahua feltie made by my daughter Destiny. I love you Dani! This one is for you!
Sold. Similar Doll with Destiny Head can be made. $400 plus shipping and handling.
Drama Queen
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