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A Curious Dream
This is the second "Alice in Wonderland" I have made and she is such fun. Now I know why so many artists choose her for inspiration! The scene I have chosen to represent is the final thought that Alice has as she exclaims that the characters that have been troubling her are nothing but a pack of cards and they come flying at her. Her sister wakes Alice and she says to her, "Oh, I've had such a curious dream!"
The doll is a full body sculpt of a mixture of polymer clays over a strong wire armature. Her eyes were hand-painted and sculpted into the head. Her features are hand-painted with Genesis heat set oil paints. Her hair is real human hair extensions. Her costume was all sewn by the artist and features real stockings, a petticoat with bloomers, a blue cotton dress with a white cotton pinafore. She is displayed on a faux book with a tiny deck of cards that appear to be flying at her. This is a one-of-a-kind creation. This doll was made specifically to be shown at the 2009 IDEX show in Orlando, Florida.
a curious dream
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