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Queen Elizabeth I
I have long admired this woman of history. I put her under this category of Fairytale dolls, mainly because her life was almost like a fairytale. A Queen who was given a country to rule that was in ruins when she became the monarch and was a prosperous and happy nation when she passed away. She was a much admired and feared woman who did not abuse her station in life, unlike her infamous father. But instead gave women a role model to be admired.
This doll is a one-of-a-kind. She took me longer to make than any other doll to date. I researched the clothes she wore and the dress is a replica of the "Armada Dress" which she wore to celebrate her victory over the Spanish Armada. The clothes start with items that are unseen. A linen shift with lace trim is the first item of clothing. Then comes the corset which is made of deep red tapestry material that has 'boning' and laces up the back. She also has black hosiery and white 'leather' shoes with a gold and pearl accent. Next is the farthingale, or hoop skirt. The underskirt is after that and is embellished with faux jewels and real pearls. There is also a bumroll which holds the weight of the skirts and distributes the weight for a more comfortable fit. There are puffed inner sleeves which are also embellished with goldtone accents, faux jewels and real pearls. Over all of this is the bodice with the over sleeves. This laces up the back and also has 'boning'. The gown is finished with a fine hand-made ruff, vintage coasters were used for this. The headdress is adorned with many real pearls and real garnets with cubic zirconia in the center piece. Her fan is a replica of the Queen's fan and has real gemstones as well. It is made of polymer clay and real feathers. The costume alone took over a month to create.
The doll is made of a mixture of polymer clays and has a soft body. She is approximately 20 inches tall. Her wig is made of mohair and is styled by hand. I have given her a pearlized look to her features to replicate the white face makeup that she wore.
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queen elizabeth
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