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Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time...the classic opening of the fairytale story. And to me the most classic tale of them all is that of Cinderella. Every girl longs to be the center of attention, to be beautiful and cherished by a handsome prince. And the glass slippers, though they were golden slippers in the original tale, have become the epitome of the dream. Can a shoe transform a girl into a woman? Most of us would say emphatically YES! So here I have chosen the moment when the girl becomes the woman. All her hopes and dreams wrapped up in a shoe! This sculpture is a one-of-a-kind that is slightly posable. Her head, hands and feet have been sculpted of polymer clay and she has a soft body. She even has "glass" slippers. Her adornments and clothes include vintage jewelry and creped satin. Her eyes are silicone and her hair is human hair. She is approximately 20 inches tall and her stand includes real miniature bricks.
Once upon a time
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