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Fairy Art Dolls
Some of these dolls were created for the IDEX show in Orlando, Florida this past January, 2007 and three of them were on the cover of the August 2007 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming Magazine. In order, they are: "Glynis", which means 'from the glen'. She is the smallest of the four at approximately 12 inches tall. She is slightly poseable. "Niamh", which means 'luster, sheen or brightness'. She has dark hair and copper colored eyes and is dressed in vintage, embriodered silk with metallic trim and a vintage pin. "Orla", which means 'golden woman'. Her head turns and she is dressed in vintage laces, silk gauze and has real pearls on her sleeves and necklace. "Ariane" which means 'silvery'. Her head also turns and she is dressed in silk gauze and velvet. All of them glow in the dark. Also "Cari", a pink and green fairy whose head turns and she is fully poseable. "Liana", an autumn colored fairy who sits on her own silk-covered stool. And the newest addition is "Sima", she is holding a topaz colored gemstone. Click on their pictures to be taken to their galleries.
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